Eating Disorder Program

Valenta provides three stages of care to meet the individual needs of each patient. Each stage addresses distinct concerns and provides different degrees of structure and support as patients grow in their recovery.

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Depression Recovery Program

Valenta’s Depression Recovery Program is an intensive outpatient program helping participants’ find relief from the pain of living with depression (MDD).

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Outpatient Services

Valenta offers Nutritional and Therapeutic outpatient services that are designed to fit into your schedule.

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Letter from Dr. Mar

Valenta (“to make powerful”) was established in 2006 to provide world class care and treatment available to assist individuals in their recovery from eating disorders.  Valenta has expanded its scope of practice and expertise to include:

  • Treatment and recovery for Eating Disorders
  • Treatment and recovery for Depression and Anxiety
  • Outpatient Mental Health and Nutritional Services
  • Collegiate Mental Health programs offered on site

The Valenta programs integrate the most effective medical and therapeutic treatments available to assist in the recovery from mental illness and to facilitate the patient transitioning back to healthy living with the necessary skills and knowledge to cope, challenge, and flourish in life.  Most important, and in contrast to many programs, is Valenta’s approach of building and restoring health in addition to removing the symptoms of the mental illness.

At Valenta, we have a motto, Adverto Vitum.  It means to ‘turn toward’ or to ‘choose’ life.  At its core, we believe this wish for life is at the root of every individual’s recovery.  It is our mission to provide you the support and resources to empower your recovery as you make this choice and seek to restore health.

To best facilitate recovery, a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach most appropriately addresses the multifaceted illnesses. All Valenta programs content is focused on providing the patient with opportunities for recovery and healing of body, mind, soul and relationships.

I invite you to review the information on or site and please call our office so we can assist you or your loved one in recovery for life.

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